Thursday, March 23, 2017

Useful Tips for Jujitsu Novices

Working with the Vanderbilt Brain Institute, where he serves as an associate director for research strategy, Aurelio Galli is a scientist whose work has primarily focused on how human behavior is influenced by the brain. In his leisure time, Aurelio Galli enjoys physical activities and has trained regularly in jujitsu. Here are some tips for beginners in the martial art.

1. Jujitsu involves a lot of grappling, which requires strength and excellent cardiovascular conditioning. Before you start lessons, head to the gym to build a base in the latter, as this will help you last longer during sparring sessions, particularly those that have you working from the bottom position.

2. The basic techniques, such as the armbar, are crucial to your success as a practitioner. While it may be tempting to leap before you look and start trying more complex techniques, focusing on the basics will help you develop a skill base that makes the transition to difficult techniques smoother.

3. Prepare to have your ego damaged as a beginner, as you will be placed in situations where you have to tap out regularly. Embrace these early defeats as learning opportunities and use them for your continued development.

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